Telephones & Mobile Phones

Telephones & Mobile Phones

Our 24-hour Telephone Service

Our 24-hour telephone service is an essential selling point for all Driver Hire offices. Unless you tell us otherwise, Driver Hire will assume that you are available to be telephoned day or night. Equally, in the event of any accident or emergency, please contact your office immediately.

Office Telephones

Telephone calls should not be made from a client’s office telephone without permission.

Cab Telephones

These telephones are provided for the convenience of the client you are working for and are not for personal use. Before starting work, ensure that you understand the client’s policy on making calls and that you can operate the cab phone/radio.

The law on the use of hand-held mobile phones

In case you are unsure of the law relating to the use of mobile phones, here is a reminder:
Whilst driving it is an offence for a driver to:

  • Speak or listen to a phone call on a hand-held phone
  • Send or read text messages or images
  • Use a hand-held device to access any data, including the internet
  • Hold any electronic device used for accessing oral, textual or pictorial communications

What are the penalties?

From 1st March 2017, the government introduced a tariff of six penalty points and a £200 fine for using a mobile phone whilst driving in England, Scotland and Wales. This can be increased to a maximum of £1,000 (£2,500 for drivers of vans, lorries, buses or coaches). Drivers still risk prosecution (for failure to have proper control) if they use hands-free phones when driving.

Use of hands-free kit (if one is fitted in the vehicle)

If a hands-free kit is fitted in your vehicle, and you are permitted to make work-related calls, you should keep them to a minimum. When answering the phone, always explain to the caller that you are driving and may have to break off the conversation. Be aware that if you are involved in an accident whilst using a hands-free device, you may face prosecution for driving without due care and attention or reckless driving. This could result in a term of imprisonment.

Use of mobile phones

Driver Hire does not expect or require you, the driver, to make or receive calls on hand-held mobile phones when driving or when stationary if your engine is still switched on. The illegal use of a mobile phone may lead to termination of your assignment and we will not offer you any further work.

If any client for whom you are working expects or instructs you to use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving (for making or receiving calls or text messaging) you must politely refuse to do so and refer the incident to your Driver Hire office.

We will try to avoid calling or texting you on your mobile phone whilst you are on an assignment. Occasionally it may be necessary to find out about your future availability for work. Consequently, we recommend that you turn on your voicemail and check periodically for messages during a driving break.

It’s unlikely that a company will reimburse you for calls made on your own phone, even if this was for business purposes.