Code of Conduct on Assignments

Code of Conduct on Assignments

During every assignment and afterwards you will be expected to:

  • Always look smart. If uniforms are provided, use them
  • Always be polite and helpful with client’s staff, accepting their direction, supervision and control
  • Always turn up at the stated time. If you are going to be unavoidably late, please let us know so that we can forewarn the client
  • Ask the client if they have any rules or regulations which you need to know about before you start the assignment
  • Unless arrangements have been made to the contrary, conform the client’s normal hours of work
  • Always have Health and Safety in mind and comply with the client’s Health and Safety policy
  • Avoid any conduct detrimental to the interests of the client
  • Never carry passengers or pets
  • Never leave the vehicle unlocked when unattended
  • Leave the vehicle clean and tidy (whether you found it that way or not)
  • Treat all information relating to a client or Driver Hire as confidential

Driver Hire drivers are the best agency drivers. So whenever you’re on an assignment we expect you to behave in a manner that sets you apart from the rest. That means, for example, always being punctual, avoiding the use of excessive bad language, obeying all reasonable instructions and giving the time and attention necessary to complete the assignment in a satisfactory manner.

More serious breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in your name being removed from our active driver list. The following are examples of the type of behaviour that will not be tolerated

  • Drunkenness
  • Violence, threats of violence, fighting or inciting others to commit these acts
  • Dishonesty
  • Theft or malicious damage
  • Deliberate falsification of statutory record of hours
  • Non-observance of EU Drivers’ Hours, RT(WT)R etc
  • Sexual, racial or religious discrimination, bullying, harassment or intimidation

Checks to be made prior to leaving the client’s premises:

1. Check that you have the correct vehicle and that it is loaded with the correct cargo

2. Check that you have the delivery notes for the job and understand the procedure for signing for deliveries

3. Check personally that the load is secure. Should you have any concerns or queries about the load, report them immediately to the client

4. Check that you have a record of the client’s telephone number

5. Complete a walk round check of the vehicle including: the vehicle’s overall height, lights, direction indicators, brakes, oil and water, mirrors, wipers and washers, locks, horns, tail-lift, toolkit, spare wheel, air pressure, ‘O’ licence etc. Ask your Driver Hire office for a copy of the Vehicle Walk Round Check Reminder card

6. Check that you have sufficient fuel for the journey, and what the arrangements are for paying any fuel bills or bridge tolls incurred during the journey

7. Always ensure that any vehicle faults or defects are reported immediately to the client before departure, and also to your Driver Hire office

8. Always do a job once you have agreed to undertake it. Never walk off a job. If you do have a problem, call your office immediately so that a replacement may be found

9. Always carry a pen and paper to take notes on routes, delivery instructions, customer paperwork and to fill in your tachograph chart and time sheets

10. Always obtain receipts for any pre-agreed expenses that occur. These should be included with your returned time sheet for repayment if agreed with your office

11. Always ensure that you know how to operate all of the vehicle’s equipment prior to leaving the client’s depot. If in doubt, ASK

12. Ensure that you have sufficient tachograph charts or digital tachograph paper roll(s)

13. Carry your driver’s licence with you at all times, plus any relevant documents such as certificates for ADR, HIAB and fork lift trucks (you should also carry your digital tachograph Driver Card and your Driver Qualification Card if you have them, and your Driver Hire identity card if supplied)

14. Always let your office know if the client wants you back for the following day. This keeps our records up to date and will ensure you are fully protected by our insurance cover (where applicable)