Holidays and Sickness

Holidays and Sickness

Whether directly engaged by your local Driver Hire office or employed by a third party contracting company whilst working for Driver Hire, your holiday entitlement is the same. You are entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid leave per year (including Bank Holidays), which equates to 28 days if you are working a five day week. This entitlement may not be carried forward to the next year.

If you only work for us on an occasional basis, entitlement to paid leave accrues on a pro-rata basis, in proportion to the amount of time you’ve worked for us during the year. Similarly the amount of holiday pay to which you are entitled is calculated on the same pro-rata basis.

Whenever you want to take a holiday, please let your local office know as soon as possible so we can make a note of the dates when you will be unavailable for work. If you are employed by a third party you must also tell them. The period of notice you give us must be at least twice the length of the holiday you want to take. So, if you want to take five days’ leave, you should give us a minimum of ten days’ notice. Timesheets for holiday payments must be submitted.

Where a Bank Holiday or other public holiday falls during an assignment and you do not work on that day, the public holiday may count as part of your paid annual leave entitlement if you request it in advance.

Sickness or Emergencies

If you are unwell or unforeseen circumstances mean you are unable to work, please give your Driver Hire office as much notice as possible. Don’t contact the client directly – always contact your office.

Hospital/Doctor’s Appointments

If possible, please try to arrange an appointment time that does not interfere with your normal work pattern. If it is unavoidable, remember we do need advance warning to arrange cover.

Medical Records

It is very important that your Driver Hire office is kept informed of any change in your state of health or of any relevant medical condition which may affect your driving ability.