Getting the basics right

Getting the basics right

Work Allocation

We’ll contact you by phone whenever a suitable job comes up, unless you’ve told us you are not available for work on that day. If you don’t contact your Driver Hire office for a period of 3 weeks there’s a danger they will assume that you don’t want to work for them any longer and a P45 may be sent to you. If you know of any issues with the number you’ve given us, make sure you contact us to see if we have any work for you.


Punctuality is absolutely essential. Drivers who don’t turn up on time will, inevitably, be offered fewer jobs. If you are held up or delayed on your way to an assignment, please let us know immediately so we can keep the client informed and assist you if at all possible.


You must devote your time, ability and attention to the business of our client when on an assignment. From the minute you start your assignment, you are a member of their staff and will be expected to work/drive their vehicle as directed by their staff.


You are expected to be well presented when carrying out your duties i.e. safety footwear, clean overalls, uniform (where supplied) etc.

Responsibilities of the Driver and the Client

Whilst you are out on an assignment you are entirely under the client’s supervision and control, both in the work that you do and the way that you do it. You are also responsible to the client for the use of their vehicle.

Remember to keep in contact with the client you are working for and with our office staff at appropriate intervals. This is because many of our clients require the flexibility to re-assign a driver’s work schedule, and it also allows any problems to be resolved quickly and effectively.

If you feel that our client isn’t being fair with you, contact your Driver Hire office immediately and discuss the problem. They’ll do their best to sort things out and advise you on what action to take.

If you are unfortunate enough to incur any fines or other penalties – such as for parking or traffic offences – whilst working for Driver Hire, we are unable to accept any responsibility for these. We also reserve the right to pass costs relating to vehicle damage on to you.


Your personal data

Driver Hire is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and has strong, appropriate measures in place to keep your personal data safe. For more information, please visit