Completing Timesheets

To make sure you are paid promptly and accurately, your correctly completed timesheet should be with your Driver Hire office no later than 09.00 hours each Monday morning. If your timesheet is lost, contact your office immediately.

Here’s what to do:

  • Use the 24-hour clock to record times
  • At the end of each day enter your start and finish time
  • Calculate, rounded up to the nearest 1/4 of an hour, the number of hours you’ve worked
  • Deduct breaks (some companies automatically deduct a break period of up to one hour, so ensure that you take this break, as you will not be paid for it)
  • Ask an authorised member of the client’s staff to sign your completed timesheet

Tachograph Records

Tachograph records are legal documents. Failure to comply with current regulations can result in fines for both you and our client. Fraudulent misuse of tachograph charts may lead to very heavy fines or imprisonment.

As a professional driver it’s your responsibility to use the tachograph (where fitted) throughout each driving day, completing it fully to record driving time, other work, breaks and periods of availability.

The vehicle you are driving may be fitted with a digital or a traditional analogue tachograph. In the case of an analogue tachograph, the customer will often supply some wax charts, but it’s a good idea to always carry a few spare charts with you; your Driver Hire office should be able to supply you with some. If using a digital tachograph, keep your Driver Card with you at all times, and before setting off, ensure that there is paper in the tacho and a spare roll in the cab.

Returning your Tachograph Charts:
Unless you are told otherwise, all tachograph records must be returned to either the client or your Driver Hire office as soon as possible. In any event all tachograph records must be returned to the Operator within 42 days of their creation, in line with The Passenger and Goods Vehicles (Recording Equipment) (Downloading and Retention of Data) Regulations 2008. It is a prosecutable offence to fail to return tachograph charts.

Please see Tachograph section for more important legal & usage information for both types of tachograph.

Important Note: Under the provisions of the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations, weekly working time must be recorded and is the combined total of the time worked for all employers. If you work for more than one employer, you must notify each employer of the time worked for every employer.