Some Do’s and Don’ts

Some Do’s and Don’ts


You must never handle or collect cash without the knowledge and permission of your Driver Hire office. If you’re asked to do so by a client, you should politely explain the situation and then contact your office for further guidance.

Driving Licences

Your driving licence (including photo card and, where appropriate, blue Driver Qualification Card (DQC) must be carried at all times and will be checked regularly by your Driver Hire office. If at any time your licence is endorsed or cancelled, you must notify your Driver Hire office immediately and present your updated licence in person at your office. If you don’t, you run the risk of having your name removed from our list of active drivers, which will mean we cannot offer you any work.


The right is reserved to search drivers and their property whilst they are at work with a client. This may be by a Driver Hire staff member, or by a member of a client’s staff.



Please remember to treat all information relating to a client of Driver Hire as confidential.

Personnel Records

You must notify your office of any change in your personal details.


It is essential that you inform us of any criminal convictions that remain unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Moving to another Driver Hire office

If you find that it’s more convenient to work for another Driver Hire office, then you will have to complete the relevant application documents as if you were a new candidate for Driver Hire. Your existing Driver Hire office will supply you with a reference.

Leaving Driver Hire

We’re sure you’ll enjoy working for Driver Hire. But, if at some time in the future you decide to move on, we’ll send your P45 to the last address you gave us. Any money we owe you – unless you’ve made alternative arrangements – will be paid into your bank account. Should you require a reference, please ask your prospective employer to write to your Driver Hire office.