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What is ClearCite

A powerful & innovative, cloud-based Agency Management platform designed for companies in the transport & logistics sector

ClearCite delivers quality, consistency and efficiency from your suppliers and operational teams by providing clear, consistent & real-time management information at all stages of the process

Key Features

  • Bookings
    All bookings placed online using our user-friendly portal. Send to one or multiple preferred suppliers depending on your requirements
  • Timesheets & Invoicing
    Rates and agreed contractual arrangements are set in the system. ClearCite generates online timesheet, approved by candidate or agency. Authorisation code sent to branch for approval, then invoice automatically generated
  • Compliance
    All customer requirements are set in the system, including licences, AWR, Right to Work etc. Only candidates meeting these requirements can be assigned to shifts
  • Onboarding
    Replicate your candidate induction processes online, saving time and money
  • MI
    Ultimate visibility with live, accurate & consistent reporting at all stages of the process

ClearCite benefits

  • Cost Savings – By automating and streamlining process, ClearCite significantly reduces the hidden costs of administering agency invoices, queries & disputes, as well as helping you maximise the productivity of your own operational and administrative staff
  • Improved Visibility – See immediately what temporary staff you have in each location at any time, why you are using them, and what it’s costing you
  • Enhanced Supplier Performance – The system has the functionality to pass bookings to one or many approved suppliers, so agencies will work to fill bookings as quickly as possible
  • Reduced Risk – You set the requirements of both candidates and agencies. Barriers in the system will stop agencies allocating candidates who are not compliant

ClearCite delivers

  • Efficient engagement with multiple agencies
  • Ensures candidates meet compliance standards
  • Live visibility of costs across the business
  • Improvements to purchase order process
  • Accurate and on-time invoicing
  • White label branding option available