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For transparent, efficient, cost-effective management of agency staff

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    Putting you in control of your logistics supplier network

    ClearCite is different - Unlike other systems it is designed by logistics experts who understand the operational needs of businesses like yours.

    Key Features

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    What are the benefits?

    Cost Savings

    ClearCite helps you maximise the productivity of your own operational and administrative staff, whilst eliminating unnecessary agency usage through better planning

    Reduced Risk

    Reduce complication and risk within your staffing supply. The all-in-one solution ensures rates and commercial agreements are pre-populated, timesheets are calculated and approved and invoices are submitted from ClearCite

    Improved Visibility

    Increased visibility through a simple, real-time online dashboard. Tailor your reports to your business requirements, with reporting at all stages of the process

    Quality Assurance

    ClearCite allows you to set the requirements of both candidate and agencies. The barriers in the system will ensure you only receive compliant staff, with visibility of the candidate details.

    Our Process

    Working with ClearCite couldn't be simpler


    We agree the key business processes for ClearCite & ensure it is set up with your suppliers, contractual & compliance requirements and company structure


    We work closely with you during a pilot to fine tune ClearCite and ensure it meets your requirements


    We would support you though a full implementation across your organisation

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