Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Temporary drivers or workers shall not:

  • Carry out work under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances, unless prescribed by a doctor – and only if it will not affect your ability to drive
  • Misuse legitimate drugs or possess, sell, or distribute illicit non-prescribed controlled substances whilst on an assignment
  • Distribute, sell or possess alcoholic beverages whilst on an assignment

Driver Hire may use its discretion to submit temporary workers to a medical evaluation test if it suspects alcohol or drug abuse, where the terms of the client contract demands it.

Any driver or temporary worker found to be contravening this policy, or found to be unfit for work through drugs or alcohol, will be in breach of our Code of Conduct and will be removed from the list of active drivers.


Since the introduction of the UK smoking ban, you need to be aware that any commercial vehicle you drive counts as a ‘workplace’ and therefore smoking in the vehicle is illegal. You should also check if smoking is permitted anywhere on the client’s premises.