​Complaint/Grievance Procedure

Complaint/Grievance Procedure

This grievance procedure applies where a temporary worker has a grievance or concern arising from his/her engagement with Driver Hire (the “Company”).

This procedure is intended to ensure that the Company is notified of any concerns at the earliest possible moment and provided with the opportunity to discuss those concerns with you and to explore ways of resolving them in a manner reasonably satisfactory to both sides.

This procedure does not form part of any temporary worker’s contractual arrangements with the Company. It may be amended at any time and the Company may depart from it depending on the circumstances of any case.

Informal Procedure

You are encouraged wherever possible to seek to resolve any problems or concerns which you may have relating to your engagement with the Company by informal discussion with your Driver Hire Office and/or another relevant member of staff. An informal approach is more likely to achieve a quick, lasting and satisfactory solution. If this does not resolve the problem you should initiate the formal procedure set out below.

Formal Procedure

Where an informal approach has been unsuccessful in resolving the problem or concern, or where you consider that an informal approach is not appropriate, the following procedure will apply.

You should set out your grievance in writing to your Driver Hire Office Manager with details of the basis on which it is made.  If your grievance relates to your Driver Hire Office or Office Manager, or you have a valid reason for not wanting them to be involved, then you should address your written statement to the Quality Manager at Driver Hire Group Services (Quality@driverhire.co.uk) who will either deal with your grievance or nominate another member of management to deal with it.

  • The written grievance should set out the nature of the complaint, including any relevant facts, dates, and names of individuals involved so that it can be investigated.
  • You will then be invited to a grievance meeting (either in person or remotely), normally within one week of receiving your written grievance. You should make every effort to attend.
  • You may bring a companion to the grievance meeting if you make a reasonable request in advance including the name of your chosen companion. The companion may be either a trade union representative or a colleague.
  • The grievance meeting may be adjourned to carry out further investigations as necessary, after which the meeting will usually be reconvened.
  • The decision of the person hearing your grievance will be notified to you in writing, usually within one week of the last grievance meeting, along with details of any further action that they intend to take to resolve the grievance.  You will also be advised of your right of appeal.

Appeals Procedure

The appeals procedure is the final stage of this grievance procedure. The appeals procedure is intended to ensure that you receive a full and fair hearing, and that the Driver Hire Office’s initial decision (which may have significant consequences for you) is subject to careful and thorough consideration by another senior manager, to eliminate any potential error or bias.

You have the right to appeal against a grievance decision made in accordance with this procedure. If the grievance has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following procedure will apply:

  • If you wish to appeal against a decision, you should inform the Company in writing within 7 days of the date of the letter confirming the grievance decision against which you wish to appeal. If no notice of appeal is received within that time period, it will be assumed that you do not wish to appeal.
  • Your notice of appeal should state the full ground(s) on which you are appealing and should be addressed to the Quality Manager at Driver Hire Group Services (quality@driverhire.co.uk), in order that an appropriate person to determine the appeal can be selected.
  • You will then be invited to attend an appeal meeting (either in person or remotely) with an impartial member of the management team, normally within 2 weeks of receiving the appeal, at which you will have the opportunity to explain your case.
  • The decision of the person hearing your appeal will be notified to you in writing, usually within one week of the appeal meeting. This decision will be final and there is no further right of appeal.