Welcome to Driver Hire Canterbury. We are part of a nationwide network of over 100 offices providing recruitment and training services to the transport and logistics industry.

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Every year Driver Hire finds work for thousands of candidates in temporary and permanent jobs, driving all classes of vehicle and in a wide range of other roles in the transport and logistics sector.

Possible roles in logistics include:

  • Driving – Cat. C+E, Cat. C, PSV, 7.5 tonne, Vans, Cars, Fork Lift
  • Specialist skills – ADR, HIAB, Multi-drop, IPAF
  • Non-driving logistics staff – Mates, Warehouse Operatives, Pickers/Packers etc
  • Public Sector – Waste Disposal, Parks, Recreation, Other Operatives etc
  • Professional / Managers – Logistics Co-ordinators, Transport Managers etc

Depending on the needs of our customers, we also often offer an even wider range of roles in other sectors, from administration to catering.

We want to hear from you

Remember, with new opportunities coming in every day, we are always on the lookout for high quality candidates, so don’t worry if you can’t find what you are looking for here.

Give us a call on 01227 479529 or call in to the office for a chat. We’re selective about who joins our team, but if you have what it takes, our dedicated and professional team will put all their efforts into finding your ideal job.

Apply online

When you create a MyDriverHire account on our website, you’ll have all the information you need about opportunities with Driver Hire at your fingertips. Apply for a job in just one click, track the jobs you’ve already applied for, and sign up for alerts, so that you’ll be first in line when your ideal job comes in.

Why work for Driver Hire?

We value the people who work for us as true professionals. We offer an attractive package, including competitive pay rates and holiday pay. You may also be offered training opportunities, uniforms and a range of other staff benefits.

We believe it’s important to offer each candidate a personal service, taking a real interest in what you want from your next career move. In 2018, over 900 people per year completed our annual candidate survey. 91% rated the respect and customer service they received from Driver Hire as good or excellent, and 94% said they felt proud to work for Driver Hire. We’ve now received similar results five years running.

Looking for a permanent job?

Many people who come to Driver Hire are ultimately looking for help in finding a permanent job. If that’s you, we’ll be delighted to help.

Trust Driver Hire

Whatever type of work you’re looking for, be it forklift truck driving or courier work, then Driver Hire is a name you can trust. We’ll help keep you up to date with all the legislative changes, so you know you’re safe and staying within the limits of the law.

Our thorough and personal interview process will help you find the driving or logistics job that is suited to your skills and lifestyle. And because Driver Hire is the UK’s leading specialist logistics recruiter, we work with some of the biggest names in the business.

For you, that means access to exciting opportunities with high quality employers.

Why come to Driver Hire?

Driver Hire is the UK’s largest specialist provider of transport and logistics staff. We have 35 years’ experience in this industry and a nationwide network of over 100 offices.

Every day we help to place all kinds of drivers and a wide range of other logistics staff, such as drivers’ mates and warehouse operatives, into temporary and permanent roles with thousands of organisations nationwide.

Much more than driving

As well as supplying high quality drivers and operatives, Driver Hire offers a range of wider recruitment and training services. These include full and part time opportunities in both blue-collar and white-collar roles, Driver CPC training and online licence checking.

Finding the staff you need

We provide a full range of driving and non-driving skills to meet your needs in every situation

  • Driving – Cat. C+E, Cat. C, PSV, 7.5 tonne, Vans, Cars, Fork Lift
  • Specialist skills – ADR, HIAB, Multi-drop, IPAF
  • Non-driving logistics staff – Mates, Warehouse Operatives, Pickers/Packers etc
  • Public Sector – Waste Disposal, Parks, Recreation, Other Operatives etc
  • Professional / Managers – Logistics Co-ordinators, Transport Managers etc

Quality assured supply

Delivering the best possible service to both customers and candidates is at the heart of what we do. We conduct regular satisfaction surveys to monitor this. The most recent surveys show that over 94% of our  candidates are proud to work for Driver Hire, whilst 96% of customers rated our service as good or excellent.

We recognise that we operate in an industry where even a small mistake could have serious consequences, so we are relentless in our commitment to providing fully qualified and referenced staff, and to full compliance with all relevant legislation.

All our work meets ISO9001:2015 standards and we are members of many well-respected trade bodies, including the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association. Driver Hire is a franchise business, find out more here.


Driver Hire is a leading provider of Driver CPC training – we have delivered over 150,000 driver training days throughout the UK. Visit our training website to find out more.

National Accounts

Since we are part of a genuinely nationwide network, we are able to offer a range of specialist services to customers who operate on a multi-site, regional or national basis. Simply ask us for more details.

In Summary

As a Driver Hire customer you benefit from:

  • Genuine 24 hour, 365-day service
  • A nationwide network combining consistency of service with local attention to detail
  • Access to high quality drivers and logistics staff that are competent, assessed and fully referenced
  • Peace of mind – recruitment problems will not affect the efficiency of your organisation
  • Cost effective recruitment services for all your drivers and logistics staff

To discuss any requirements, call us today on 01227 479529 or email

Other Services We Provide

Driver Hire Canterbury offers a wide range of other service to meet the needs of every business, no matter how large or small.
Use the navigation links to find more information about our other services.

Driver CPC Training in Canterbury

Seb – DCPC Training

Driver Hire is one of the UK’s leading providers of Driver CPC Training. We offer 20 different JAUPT approved course subjects with interactive and engaging content and have course satisfaction ratings of 93%* We even have FORS compliant courses for those that travel into and through London and some other areas where FORS is being introduced.

Whether you are a driver who needs to keep up to date with your 35 hours of Driver CPC Training or a company with drivers who need to undertake this, we can help you with your requirements. To find out more give us a call on 01233 884244 or visit our training website.

*Surveys conducted after completion of training

“Seb is passionate about helping people understand and resolve the issues which may hold them back in business.  Having worked her whole life in business operations, in the last 15 years Seb decided to specialise in change management, compliance and training.

Her ability to establish strong relationships at every level of operations and to understand individual needs makes her a great communicator and trainer.  She believes CPC Compliance Training is more than just a tick box – and adds value by not only ensuring drivers are safe and compliant, but also to support them in improving their efficiency.

Her training approach uses discussion and storytelling in engaging all participants fully. Seb is a born trainer, as even in her free time, she enjoys training others through her workshops in upcycling and painting.”

Available DCPC Modules in Canterbury

City Driving Discussion includes:

  • Inner City Schemes
  • Identifying hazards
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Low speed manoeuvring
  • Parking and loading legally
  • Air pollution

Ideal training for any drivers delivering in towns and cities.

Customer Service Discussion includes:

  • What is customer service
  • Understanding the value of good customer service
  • Managing your customer and their expectations
  • Good and bad examples
  • Positive communication skills

Not just for drivers’ with customer facing positions, interesting debates on driving styles etc.

Dealing With On Road Occurrences Discussion includes:

  • Dealing with accidents and emergencies
  • Personal safety and security
  • Dealing with roadside conflict
  • Road related stress
  • Roadside check

Interesting discussions no matter how long you have been driving

Delivery Driving Discussion includes:

  • Customer service
  • The importance of good communication
  • Effective route planning
  • Vehicle safety
  • Fuel efficiency

Ideal training for drivers fairly new to the industry

Digital Tachograph Discussion includes:

  • Why it was introduced
  • The Vehicle unit (VU)
  • Mode selection and on-screen messages
  • Time management
  • Manual entries
  • Mixed tachograph operations
  • Tachograph cards

Useful training for seasoned and new drivers

Drivers Hours & Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations Discussion includes:

  • Why do we have Drivers’ Hours
  • The legal framework
  • EU Drivers’ Hours
  • Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations
  • Consequences of non compliance
  • Enforcement

Great training for newly passed drivers and drivers moving within the industry.

Emergency First Aid Incidents and accidents happen. Professional drivers may be more likely than most to come across situations where knowing the fundamentals of First Aid could make a real difference.

This course includes theory, demonstrations and hands-on practise of first aid techniques. Delegates attending this course have the option to gain a recognised First Aid qualification in addition to completing the hours for one day of DCPC Superb training for anyone, anywhere.

Fuel Efficient Driving Discussion includes:

  • Why is fuel efficiency so important
  • Who is responsible
  • Driving techniques
  • Walk round check

Useful training for any drivers

Highway Code & Spotting Hazards Discussion includes:

  • Various road users
  • Updates to the Highway Code
  • Lesser known Highway Code facts
  • Hazard spotting
  • Signals, signs and road marking

Useful to all road users

Introduction to Health & Safety Discussion includes:

  • Legal responsibilities
  • Specifics of LOLER & PUWER
  • PPE
  • Human cost of poor H&S
  • Industry cost of poor H&S

Lively discussions about H&S that would interest anyone from any walk of life

Manual Handling Discussion includes:

  • Manual handling and the law
  • The cost of poor manual handling
  • Risk assessment
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Practical lifting

On Site Health & Safety Discussion includes:

  • Loading bay safety
  • Vehicle checks
  • Fitness to drive
  • General on-site safety issues

Ideal for anyone in the industry, giving insight to topics not usually discussed

Road Traffic Law Discussion includes:

  • Who’s who in transport
  • Vehicle safety, weights and dimensions
  • The Highway Code
  • Driving licences: entitlements, renewals, restriction and offence codes
  • Operators licence
  • Operators Compliance Risk Score

Good training for anyone in the industry, new and old. Topics not often discussed.

Safe Loading & Unloading of Goods Vehicles Discussion includes:

  • Loading bay management
  • Handling dangerous goods
  • Fork lift truck safety
  • General safety considerations
  • Safe loading and the law

Great for new and experienced drivers, keep abreast of legislation

Vehicle & Personal Safety Did you know that 1 in 6 drivers in Europe have been attacked, and that 30% of these have been attacked more than once? Discussion includes:

  • Personal safety
  • Keeping safe and fit to drive
  • Smuggling and personal allowances
  • Vehicle security
  • Preventing clandestine entrants

Mainly useful to drivers that spend nights and/or weekends away.

Vulnerable Road Users Discussion includes:

  • Current standards addressing Vulnerable Road Users
  • What hazards do they face
  • Driving safely
  • Fleet safety
  • Driver and employers responsibilities
  • Vulnerable road users responsibilities

A session of lively debate, usually enjoyed by all. Relevant to ALL road users

Driving Commercially In The UK This module gives the bare essentials from all of the modules we present. (except First Aid) Driving commercially is either a peek view at what our modules are about, or a look back at what we have trained previously.

A good all round view of the transport industry. FORS accredited modules are available NOW!

  • Safe Urban Driving (FORS Professional)
  • Van Smart (FORS Professional)
  • Managing Work Related Road Risk In The Transport Industry (FORS Professional)

Open Courses - Choose a course and book NOW!

Call 01233 884244 to book your course


16/11/2019         Saturday

Highway Code and Spotting Hazards        Vulnerable Road Users

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


18/11/2019         Monday

Emergency First Aid        Emergency First Aid

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


19/11/2019         Tuesday

Safe Loading & Unloading Of Goods Vehicles       Vehicle & Personal Safety

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


20/11/2019         Wednesday

City Driving         Fuel Efficient Driving

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


21/11/2019         Thursday

Digital Tachograph           Highway Code and Spotting Hazards

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


22/11/2019         Friday

Road Traffic Laws             Vulnerable Road Users

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


23/11/2019         Saturday

Digital Tachograph           Transport & Site Related Health & Safety

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


30/11/2019         Saturday

Drivers Hours & Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations        Highway Code and Spotting Hazards

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


02/12/2019         Monday

Drivers Hours & Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations        Introduction to Health and Safety

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


03/12/2019         Tuesday

Safe Loading & Unloading Of Goods Vehicles       Vehicle & Personal Safety

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


04/12/2019         Wednesday

City Driving         Fuel Efficient Driving

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


05/12/2019         Thursday

Digital Tachograph           Highway Code and Spotting Hazards

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


06/12/2019         Friday

Road Traffic Laws             Vulnerable Road Users

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


14/12/2019         Saturday

Vulnerable Road Users  Highway Code and Spotting Hazards

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


16/12/2019         Monday

Road Traffic Laws             City Driving

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


17/12/2019         Tuesday

Digital Tachograph           Drivers Hours & Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


18/12/2019         Wednesday

Safe Loading & Unloading Of Goods Vehicles       Vehicle & Personal Safety

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


19/12/2019         Thursday

Emergency First Aid        Emergency First Aid

Location: Ashford/Folkestone


20/12/2019         Friday

Introduction To Health & Safety Vulnerable Road Users

Location: Ashford/Folkestone



28/12/2019         Saturday

Transport & Site Related Health & Safety              Digital Tachograph

Location: Ashford/Folkestone

For candidates

Every year Driver Hire finds both temporary and permanent work for thousands of candidates. This includes all driving licence categories and a wide range of other roles across the transport and logistics sector.

Check out our current vacancies. As well as helping people to find jobs, Driver Hire is also a leading provider of Driver CPC training, in the classroom and online.

For customers

With 35 years’ experience, Driver Hire now provides thousands of organisations nationwide with the staff they need. Whether you need someone for just one shift or to join your team on a permanent basis, we can help.

24/7 service

We offer a genuine 24/7 service, 365 days a year. No matter what time of the day or night you call us, you will be able to speak directly to a member of the Canterbury team.

Call: 01227 479529 Email: Visit: We’re in the office from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Commitment to quality

When you deal with Driver Hire – as a candidate or as an employer – you can be confident that you are dealing with the very best.

Listening is one way we make sure that you receive the highest quality of customer service so we run regular surveys to help us understand what you think – the most recent survey showed 96% of customers rated our service as good or excellent and 94% of candidates said they were proud to work for Driver Hire. The high quality standards that we offer is something we are very proud of.

Driver Hire has won a string of awards over the years, including awards for training and customer service. These include the REC’s ‘Agency Driver of the Year’ award.

Proud to Franchise

Driver Hire Canterbury is part of a franchise organisation. We passionately believe that franchising gives our customers and candidates the very best of both worlds.

You benefit from using a locally owned and managed business – it is in our interest to succeed by giving you the best service and attention to your needs that we can. At the same time, you benefit from the extensive experience, consistent quality standards and the support of the UK’s largest specialist transport and logistics network. For more information on franchise opportunities with Driver Hire, click here.

Contact us:

  • Lombard House Business Centre
  • 12-17 Upper Bridge Street
  • Canterbury
  • Kent
  • CT1 2NF
  • Telephone: 01227 479529

How to find us:

Our office is located within the Lombard House Business Centre opposite the Canterbury bus station and next to the fire station. If you are visiting by car there is ample parking nearby with the closest being Holmans Meadow which is directly behind our office.

Holmans Meadow is a pay and display car park. If you are visiting us on foot we are very close to the bus station and Canterbury East rail station.

Our team

We’re a people business, and so we believe in offering a personal service. If you’re looking for work, we want to know about you, and what you’re looking for in your next role. Looking for staff? Every organisation has particular needs – we want to understand yours.

When you deal with Driver Hire Canterbury, here are the people who’ll be looking after you:

Andrew – Director

Hayley – Director

Paula – Senior Recruitment Consultant

Callum – Recruitment Resourcer

Seb – Training Services


office member

Andrew Padgett


Telephone: 01227479529

About Andrew Padgett

Keen Bradford City fan (glory hunter, obviously) and Driver Hire Franchisee for over 20 years and still loving what we do


Information to help you work in a safe and compliant way.

As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards in our industry, Driver Hire provides a wide range of information to both candidates and customers. We achieve this in many ways, including our Driver CPC training programmes and eLearning, through the Code of Conduct books that are given to all candidates, and through information posters that are provided free of charge as part of our regular Newslink mailings. You can also download our free white papers from this page. We hope that you will find the following resources useful.

Change view:

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to register with you?

You can set up job alerts by creating an account here. Alternatively if you prefer, you can give us a call or just pop in. Quality is at the heart of all we do so we take our candidate registration process very seriously. Before we can offer you work you will need to attend a face-to-face interview.

When you come in to see us, you will need to bring certain key information with you. You must provide your National Insurance number, bank details and another form of ID such as a passport or birth certificate. Where relevant you will need to provide proof of your right to work in the UK. For driving work we need to see your original driver’s licence (both parts if a photo card) and proof of any licence upgrades you hold.

We always take up references on every candidate so please also provide phone numbers of two work related referees.

What type of work can you offer me?

We can offer you a wide range of different jobs. As well as lots of driving work, across all licence categories, we are always recruiting for many non-driving roles. Whether you are looking for part time work, a contract role or a long term career, we can help. Check out our online jobs board, phone or call in to find out more.

How old do I have to be to work as a Driver Hire driver?

We welcome candidates of all ages. Please be aware that insurance requirements for certain roles mean that an age limit may apply to that particular role.

Are all your drivers fully compliant with relevant legislation?

Nothing is more important to Driver Hire than safety and full regulatory compliance. All Driver Hire drivers have to take a 150-point competency test before they are allowed to work for us and we provide ongoing updates on new rules and regulations as they are introduced. We also have bespoke IT systems in place to monitor the work our staff do for us.

You can be confident that any member of staff you take on from Driver Hire has been fully briefed on any relevant legislation.

Can you help me out at short notice?

Absolutely. Some people say it’s what we do best. As the UK’s leading specialist supplier of transport and logistics staff, we have an extensive database of high quality candidates ready to step in and help you out.

You can call us any time of the day or night, 365 days a year and speak to a real person on the other end of the line. We know the pressures you are likely to operate under, so will take down the details of the person you need and if we can’t tell you instantly who we have available, we will get back to you within 15 minutes with a definite answer either way.

Can you help with non-driving roles?

Yes. Driver Hire is about much more than driving. We can help you find the ideal candidate for just about any role connected with the transport and logistics industry. That includes drivers of course, but also warehouse staff, operations and back office roles, plant operatives, managerial staff and much more. Check out ‘Looking for Staff’ for more information.

Do you just provide temps?

No. Our experience in the industry and our extensive candidate database means we are ideally placed to help you find long-term contract staff and of course, permanent employees. Our permanent recruitment service operates on a no success no fee basis and is backed up by generous guarantees.