Temporary Staff

Last minute or contract, short or long-term requirements, your local Driver Hire office can help you.

Last minute or contract, short or long-term requirements

Driver Hire can provide high quality people to fulfil all your temporary staffing requirements – from sickness and holiday cover to long-term contracts and ‘temp-to-perm’ arrangements.

We can of course supply every type of driver – and as the UK’s leading recruitment firm specialising in the transport and logistics sector, we also have many years’ experience of finding staff to work in a vast number of other roles.

Whatever the role, you can count on us to supply well-briefed, professional and motivated people that will help you achieve your organisation’s objectives.

Why use temps?

Typically, customers have a need for temporary staff to cover one of three eventualities:

  • Last minute staff shortage/emergency cover
  • Spikes in levels of business, holidays or other planned absences
  • Seasonal or other long-term (but not indefinite) increased levels of business

A flexible, cost-effective solution

When planned and managed efficiently, using temps in your business increases flexibility and can significantly reduce your overall staff costs, because you are only paying for what you need:

  • Avoids hidden costs of permanent staff, e.g. sick pay, pensions, training etc
  • Allows you to staff up to cover peak periods
  • Avoids permanent staff being under-utilised at quieter times
  • No interruptions to work flow due to staff shortages