Customer User Guide – Online Timesheets

Using the online timesheet approval process? Here's everything you need to know.

As a Driver Hire customer, you can manage timesheets online. It’s quick and easy – the process will save you time and maximise the accuracy of all of your temporary staff bookings. We have put together this step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Customer Timesheet verification

The timesheets for bookings placed with Driver Hire can be managed through an online portal. In the portal, you can view, approve and reject timesheets.

You will be notified via email when a timesheet has been submitted and requires you to approve or reject it.

Logging into the Timesheet Portal

When invited to use the timesheets portal by your Driver Hire office, you will receive an email.

Select “Set Password”. This will prompt you to configure a secure password to access the timesheet portal. (Your email address will be your username).

When completed, a pop-up will appear. Click the link to be directed to the login page.

Approving and rejecting timesheets

When you first log in, you can see the number of timesheets that require your approval. The default “Grouped View” will only show the timesheets that you need to approve. You can review the timesheet history from the “List” view – as shown here.

Click the + on the left of the timesheet detail to expand the rows and see more detail.

Timesheet lines that are yellow and white are timesheets that have been submitted by the Driver Hire office. Timesheet lines that are grey have been submitted by the candidate.

If the timesheet line detail is accurate, tick the row(s) that you want to approve and select “Approve Selected”

If there is a mistake in the timesheet line, tick the row(s) with the error and select “Reject Selected”.

When rejecting a timesheet line, you must provide a reason why. This reason is important so the candidate or office can rectify the mistake and submit the timesheet again. If you have any issues, contact your Driver Hire office who will resolve the problem with you.

Historically approved timesheets

By default, the timesheets portal shows you the timesheet lines that you need to approve. If you have none to approve, use the List View button to manage timesheets that have not yet been submitted or have previously been approved.

The list view page has multiple filters and search features, which you can use to find historical timesheets. This view allows you to review the details of any historical shift that an online timesheet has been submitted for.


What do the various statuses mean?

  • Awaiting Completion – the timesheet has not been submitted by the candidate or Driver Hire Office yet.
  • Verification Requested – the timesheet has been submitted by the Candidate or Driver Hire Office and is awaiting the approval of the Customer.
  • Verified – The timesheet  has been submitted and approved by the customer.

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

In the event of an issue with the online timesheet tool, please contact your Driver Hire Office.

Will I be notified when I have a timesheet to complete?

Yes, as soon as a timesheet is submitted by the Driver Hire office or the candidate, you will receive an email letting you know.

Download our quick user guide

If you need to approve a timesheet now, please go to the timesheets portal at: