Candidate User Guide – Online Timesheets

Submitting your timesheets to Driver Hire online? Here's everything you need to know.


  1. Follow the link in your email invitation, to create a unique password (your email address is your username)
  2. Log in to the timesheet portal –
  3. Agree the Terms & Conditions (you only need to agree to these terms once)

Completing Timesheets

  1. Log in to the Driver Hire Timesheets portal at and click on the ‘Complete Timesheets’ button
  2. Tick the declaration box and insert the verification code that is sent to you via text (SMS). This acts as your electronic signature for each timesheet you submit
  3. Complete your timesheets. Enter the details for the shift(s) you worked, then click the ‘Submit Timesheet and Continue’ button
  4. If you worked for any other agencies, click the ‘Add Other Hours’ button to record these details
  5. Log out – happy driving! You will be notified by email if you have any more timesheets to complete


What do the various statuses mean?

  • Awaiting Completion – the timesheet has not been submitted by the candidate or Driver Hire Office yet.
  • Verification Requested – the timesheet has been submitted by the Candidate or Driver Hire Office and is awaiting the approval of the Client.
  • Verified – The timesheet  has been submitted and approved by the customer.

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

  • In the event of an issue with the online timesheet tool, please contact your Driver Hire Office.

Will I be notified when I have a timesheet to complete?

Yes, your Driver Hire office can configure the frequency of your notifications. Your notification preference options are:

  • Immediately – As soon as a timesheet is ready for you to fill in, you get a text.
  • Daily – Once every day at 8am, if you have a timesheet, you will get a text.
  • Weekly – On one chosen day of the week, you will get a text. You will only receive one text, even if you worked multiple shifts in the week.

Download our quick user guide

If you need to complete a timesheet now, please go to the timesheets portal at: