Mohammad Ghaed

Mohammad is a wonderful example of what you can achieve when you have determination, tenacity and drive. We are pleased to give him the thanks and recognition that he deserves.

Mohammad Ghaed
Class 2 Driver, Birmingham

In October 2019, a quietly spoken yet well-mannered newly passed Class 2 Driver stepped in to the Driver Hire Birmingham office, looking for some agency work. With no previous HGV driving experience or private transport, it looked as if the odds could be against Mohammad at first.

Lisa, Director of Driver Hire Birmingham said, “We discussed with Mohammad what type of work we had on at that time and we mentioned that a Labourer shift had just come up with one of our well respected clients. Mohammad was open to it and he happily went along to help out our customer out. Whilst he was there, one of their permanent drivers did not turn up so they called us asking for Class 2 cover. Lo and behold – we informed them that that Mohammad was in fact a newly passed Class 2 driver, and was already on site. We asked if they would give him an opportunity to cover the shift.”

From that day on, Mohammad has never looked back and this customer always requests him by name. He is never late and has manners that are impeccable, even on every text or email that he sends! Mohammad is so reliable that he has got taxis for us even to do shifts with a 3.30am start time. He is an absolute star.

“Mohammad is a fully qualified aircraft engineer but when he moved to the UK, he started his life from scratch – we admire him tremendously.”

Lisa Hughes – Director, Driver Hire Birmingham


Mohammad came to the UK in 2017 as a refugee from Iran, where he was a fully qualified aircraft engineer. The firm that he worked for, however, was unable to send on his certificates, so he basically started his life here from scratch and with no family around to support him.

He found Telford College, who put him through his Class 2, before registering with Driver Hire Birmingham. He is also currently funding his Class 1 so he will hopefully have that string to his bow very soon.

“Personally, I admire him tremendously for everything he has done,” Lisa adds.

“People are suffering many hardships at this time, but Mohammad has shown that with determination, hard work and tenacity, you can achieve whatever it is you set your heart on.”

“Every person in the Birmingham office adores him, and no one has a bad word to say about him. I am waiting for one of the staff to invite him for Christmas dinner! We are really proud to be part of his story and hope he is with us for many years.”

This feature was put together as part of Driver Hire’s campaign to raise awareness of the great work our nation’s drivers do, and in support the the RHA’s National Lorry Week. Read more on National Lorry Week here.