Debbie Corbitt

Debbie is a regular agency driver for Driver Hire’s Dundee branch and has two passions in her life – trucks, and horses. Debbie is a Class 2 driver and by working with Driver Hire, she has managed to strike what many people might see as the perfect work/life balance.

“Everyone talks about this work/life balance thing – agency work gives me a good one. And I love getting paid weekly!”

Debbie – Class 2 Driver

Debbie Corbitt
Class 2 Driver, Dundee

Owning an animal of any kind is a commitment. Owning a horse takes that commitment to a higher level. Mucking out the stables, feeding, checking on general well-being and – the fun bit – regular exercise for fitness. What’s more, it’s a 365 days a year job. And Debbie Corbitt loves it. In fact, Debbie and her partner have not just one, but four horses.

Debbie is a Class 2 driver, on the books at Driver Hire Dundee. She previously worked in the equine industry. However, when that job came to an end, she decided to add another string to her bow, by going down the HGV licence acquisition route. As things have turned out it was a smart move.

With a shiny new licence, Debbie started looking for work, but initially things didn’t go to plan. So, she put her licence in a drawer and moved on to a variety of non-transport industry work. Then she landed a job as a delivery driver for a local animal feed business. It was Class 2 HGV work, giving her plenty of experience behind the wheel.

Throughout all this, Debbie was still searching for the perfect job, which would give her the work/life balance she needed to earn enough to pay the bills and look after her horses.


One thing she’d spotted at her animal feed employers was their use of agency drivers. She soon sussed that agency work might give her the flexibility she craved.

“I sent my CV to Driver Hire Dundee last autumn, on the off chance,” says Debbie. “They came back to me within an hour, I had an interview the following day and the rest is history.”

Since working for Driver Hire, Debbie’s done a wide range of work including a speciality glass manufacturer. “I’m proud to say that there were no breakages,” she adds with a laugh.

“Looking back, it’s funny, but I’d no qualms about entering a male dominated industry. I’ve had the odd comment, but the vast majority don’t even think about it. Most importantly agency work means I can take what I want when I want. Obviously you’ve got to do enough to earn a decent living. Early starts mean early finishes, so I can get down to the stables to be with the horses. Everyone talks about this work/life balance thing – agency work gives me a good one. And I love getting paid weekly!”

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