Outstanding survey results for Driver Hire

Driver Hire is getting it right when it comes to both reliable service and value for money. That’s what its ninth annual ‘Proud Survey’ has revealed.

Over 400 customers responded to the survey, conducted in December 2022, listing reliable service as the top reason for using Driver Hire. Personal contact was the second most popular option when asked what they’d miss most if they weren’t using Driver Hire. An impressive 98% rated our customer service as Good/Excellent – a highest ever score (79% chose ‘excellent’).

As well as seeking the views of customers, Driver Hire’s Proud survey also sought the views of drivers. In excess of 1,000 drivers responded. Candidates were asked whether they’d recommend family or friends to work for Driver Hire. 88% scored 8/10 or higher, with 65% saying they definitely (10/10) recommend. In the same survey, 95% said they’re proud to work for Driver Hire.

Commenting on the results of the ‘Proud’ survey, Chris Chidley (CEO) said, “The very high standard we’ve set over the past several years has been maintained. We’re proud to have received such positive feedback again from both our customers and our candidates and we’ll be working hard to achieve the same again in the coming year”.

Find out more about Driver Hire’s annual Proud survey results here.

98% of people rate Driver Hire’s customer service as Good / Excellent (79% chose ‘excellent’ – responses from over 400 customers in December 2022). The graph shows the ‘customer service’ and ‘value for money’ scores from our customer surveys over the last nine years.