Lorraine celebrates 25 years of Driver Hire success

Lorraine Thompson, owner of our Oxford franchise is celebrating 25 years in business. Over the past quarter of a century the business has gone from strength to strength, expanding its services to include hospitality. It is regularly one of Driver Hire’s top performing offices.

A franchise, Driver Hire Oxford’s team provide a round-the-clock service to a wide variety of local businesses. In addition to recruitment, Lorraine and her team are also leaders in the delivery of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training.

Her twenty-five year stint has made Lorraine one of the longest standing franchisees in Driver Hire’s 103-office nationwide network. Only two other franchisees have achieved this feat.

“We always aim to deliver on what we promise,” says Lorraine. “That means being level and upfront with our customers. I also firmly believe that being a franchise – and therefore an owner-operated business – gives us more drive and an attention to detail that managed businesses find hard to match. I’ve loved every minute of being a Driver Hire franchisee and am excited and looking forward to continuing to meet the needs of all our customers.”

Pictured: Lorraine Thompson with three other long-standing Driver Hire franchisees who, combined, have clocked up a 93-year business partnership. Left to right: Scott Scot (London West), Gary Stuttard (Norwich), John Bantick (Dartford) and Lorraine Thompson (Oxford).