Keeping the shelves stocked for Easter

As Easter nears, it’s hard to ignore the amount of chocolate making its way into the supermarket – whether it’s a delicious white bunny, creamy milk chocolate buttons or a lovely dark silky egg, the choice gets bigger every year. The UK has the highest chocolate consumption in the world with around 660,900 tonnes being eaten every year.  With the Easter Egg market worth in excess of £220 million and the confectionery market in the UK worth a staggering £3.96 billion, have you ever wondered how the chocolate makes it to the shelves in the first place?

The logistics industry keeps the confectionery market moving. Cadbury dominates the chocolate Easter Egg market with over a 50% share in the UK and one in every three shell eggs sold here is made in the Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Bournville, Birmingham. So, it’s no surprise that tanker drivers deliver over 250 tonnes of chocolate crumb and 50 tonnes of cocoa butter to their factory EVERY DAY! Drivers up and down the country travel tens of millions of miles each year delivering chocolate and confectionery to supermarkets, village shops, caterers and independent distributors.

Of course, the drivers of these vehicles must be fully qualified with specialist licences and relevant up to date training, so what happens on a day when someone calls in sick or they are on holiday? The delivery still needs to be made as there are schedules to keep to. That’s where Driver Hire comes in. We work with some of the biggest names in logistics providing highly skilled and qualified temporary drivers to ensure delivery schedules are kept and the chocolate is on the shelves for when you need it!

With 96% of our customers rating the service they receive as excellent or good and 94% of candidates saying they are proud to work for us, we’re pleased to be able to provide the service needed to help keep the shelves stocked this Easter!

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