Young recruiters making a big impression

A whole bunch of young people working in Driver Hire offices across Scotland and the north of England are making the most of the opportunities offered by a career in recruitment.

All of them are aged 22 or younger and have come to Driver Hire through a variety of routes. But what’s clear about all of them is that they love recruitment and love working for Driver Hire.

Sarah, Newcastle

Sarah Babadi landed a part-time admin role at Driver Hire Newcastle to finance her business & marketing university studies: “Because Newcastle were short staffed, pretty quickly my role extended to recruitment consultant, which I absolutely love. Talking to clients and finding work for people is so satisfying. When I was offered a full-time position it was a hard decision but I’ve definitely made the right one. It’s so much better than sitting in a classroom. I’ve learnt more about business studies in four months at Driver Hire than I did in two years in Sixth Form.”

Chloe, Fife

Meanwhile, Chloe Whyte has kickstarted her recruitment career at Driver Hire Fife. “I was in hospitality but was made redundant when Covid hit. After a year of unemployment I got a 9 month contract with Amazon. When that ended I found myself back at the Jobcentre. That’s where I met Suzanne from Driver Hire. She interviewed me for an admin job and was taken on as part of the Government Kickstart scheme. After six months I was taken on permanently. I’m now a trainee recruitment consultant. The best thing about working for Driver Hire – apart from the money – are face-to-face interviews. I like getting to know people and then finding them work.”

Rachael McWilliams is the Operations & Development Director for Wilson Gibb Management Services which operates seven Driver Hire offices in Scotland and Northern England. “I’ve been a team member at Wilson Gibb for over a decade – it’s wonderful to see these young people making such a great impression. I think the pandemic raised awareness of the importance of transport & logistics as a vital industry. That, in turn, has made people see that the industry in general has many opportunities  – which include working for a transport & logistics specialist recruiter.”