Snap Happy!

Paul Mutimer, on the books at Driver Hire Norwich, sent a daily photograph to his office from wherever he was working, throughout the height of the lockdown, “just to cheer them up.”

The team were eager to show their appreciation for keeping up their spirits and did so by surprising him with a printed canvas of his photographs last week – a gesture of thanks and to make his art ‘more permanent’.

Paul pictured proudly with his Canvas

“It all started with lockdown. The staff in Norwich, like everyone else, were under a lot of pressure so I began sending a photo every morning with a simple caption of ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello'”, Paul explains.

“I did it to put a smile on their faces and they began to send them back. I started to share them on social media with captions such as ‘stay safe out there’ and ‘I hope you’re all having a wonderful day’. I was blown away by the amount of people – both here in the UK and abroad – who liked, commented and even sent photographs back.”

Paul has worked for Driver Hire Norwich for a number of years as an HGV Driver and continued to work during lockdown.

Whilst restrained from visiting people in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, he broke down the communication barriers with his love for pictures and for making people smile.

Commenting on his gift, Paul said, “To receive this is something special. The whole reason I started to take the photos was to cheer people up and now kindness has gone full circle. The best part of all this, is that it made a difference and boy, we needed that. I’ll never stop taking photos.”