Rats ate my car!

Whilst nine out of ten cats prefer Whiskas, most rats prefer a four-seater saloon. According to figures from the RAC, hungry ‘roadents’ are tucking into UK vehicles in ever increasing numbers.

To reach this conclusion staff at the roadside assistance specialists studied five years’ worth of patrol breakdown reports. Their efforts revealed a 55% increase in rats snacking on vehicles during the first eleven months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2018.

When it comes to a tasty automotive take away, your average UK rat likes nothing more than a nice bite of fuel hose. In addition, the reports revealed that rats have damaged engine bays and headlights.

And it’s not just rats. Foxes have a soft spot for windscreen wiper blades and fuel hoses. One RAC patrol officer attended a vehicle which, according to its owner, had lost power and “smelt funny”. A look under the bonnet revealed that a squirrel was storing its nuts in the airbox, restricting airflow to the engine.

The RAC’s advice to prevent your local population of rats, mice, squirrels and foxes treating your car or van as a food source is to avoid storing open packs of pet food in your garage or in the general vicinity of any unattended vehicle.