Rachael McWilliams credited for her drive and ambition in latest edition of Transport News

An 18-year career dedicated to any one industry is admirable, but to the many women considering one in logistics, Rachael McWilliams’ story could be seen as inspirational.

Rachael had no prior connection to the haulage industry before graduating in 2004. Offered three jobs in one day shortly after her graduation, she said she went with the “wild-card option with a company I knew nothing about. Driver Hire!”

You could say Rachael fell into the industry, but 18 years on, it’s clear that she fell in love with it very early on. And it’s this love and passion for logistics that have led Rachael to where she is today – experiences which have caught the attention of Transport News.

Featured in the latest edition (April 2022), Rachael, operations and development director for seven Driver Hire offices (operated by Wilson Gibb Management Services), sits down with John Henderson and chats about her career in driving recruitment thus far.

From her 19-year attendance of Truckfest, to Transport Manager CPC, driver recruitment and supporting hauliers of Scotland, Rachael’s reasons why she loves her job are clear cut, commenting “I love the variety offered in my role and I’m equally at home in a yard, as I am in the boardroom”.

Describing herself as “realistic who doesn’t sugar coat things”, which she says is a “crucial attitude in transport”, Rachael was asked specifically about working as a female, in what is still a male dominated industry. She responds, “I’ve never felt any different. I’ve always been accepted for who I am and my knowledge of the job” – and that’s the way it should be.

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