Proud to Serve

During 2021, as the Covid pandemic continued to rage across the country, Driver Hire offices were working flat out to help keep the economy moving. They provided essential logistics staff – drivers and a wide  range of other roles – to over 5,000 businesses and other organisations across the UK, enabling them to meet often mission critical deadlines.

The network deployed over 16,500 temporary workers, who covered a staggering 750,000 shifts.

To meet that demand, Driver Hire office staff were busy sourcing and interviewing over 12,000 candidates, many of whom had lost their jobs because of the pandemic, finding them new roles in the logistics industry.

So the results of Driver Hire’s eighth annual customer and candidate survey are, perhaps, hardly surprising.

Over 500 customers responded to the survey and, whilst ‘reliable service’ remains the top reason for using Driver Hire overall, more respondents than ever said they’d miss ‘personal contact’ most if they weren’t using Driver Hire. An impressive 86% also rated value for money as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

Driver Hire’s ‘Proud’ survey also asks its candidates whether they’re proud to work for Driver Hire, about the level of service and respect they receive from their Driver Hire office and whether they’d recommend Driver Hire to family or friends. The December 2021 survey received a record level of responses – more than 1,100 – with the following results:

• 96% of candidates said they’re  proud to work for Driver Hire

• 97% of candidates rated the level  of respect & service received from  their local Driver Hire office as Excellent or  Good (highest ever score)

• 89% scored 8/10 or more when asked if they’d recommend  working for Driver Hire to others (highest ever score) – and in  fact 67% scored 10/10!

Commenting on the survey results, CEO Chris Chidley said: “We’re really proud of these survey results. Driver Hire’s nationwide office network prides itself on delivering a reliable, round-the-clock, personal service. We’re committed to treating our candidates fairly and with respect, so that they can be happy in their work. And of course when your staff are proud and motivated to deliver a great service, that’s great news for our customers too.”