Plan ahead for the summer

Summer’s almost upon us. That means, along with (hopefully) some decent weather, will come the annual staff shortages as your drivers and other staff take a well earned break.

Whether it’s down to holidays or a summer spike in business, ensuring that you continue to supply a first rate service to your clients throughout the summer, you may well need to use temporary staff.  And that’s where a little forward planning will help, ensuring you have the drivers you want when you really need them – thus avoiding any last minute panic. Driver Hire’s 2016 Summer Planner will help you do just that, enabling you to identify summer hot spots, when your drivers are away, so you can plan cover as required.

We’re also enjoying another great summer of sport. Along with regulars such as Wimbledon, Ascot and Test Match cricket, this year’s a little bit special because it also includes the 2016 UEFA Cup Finals – that’s football for those not instantly in the know. The UK has added interest this year with three out of the four home nations – England, Wales and Northern Ireland – all lining up for the big kick-off  in France.

To help you keep up to date with their progress, on the reverse of the Summer Planner, you’ll find a superb UEFA Cup Finals poster including every team and every round – perfect for the office sweepstake.

If you haven’t already received your Planner/UEFA poster, then simply contact your local office.