New look website for dh Licence Check

dh Licence Check, an online system for checking driving licences, has announced the launch of its new look website.

The new website has been launched as the need for an online driving licence checking service becomes more important than ever following the 8th June, from when the paper counterpart will no longer have any legal status.

Richard Owen-Hughes, Group Marketing Director said, “We realise that businesses need to be able to easily see what dh Licence Check can offer and how our online system can make checking your driver’s licences easier than ever. We recognise the importance of an online resource for our customers and want to make sure they can find out everything they need to know quickly and efficiently.”

The new website offers a clean, modern design and easy-to-navigate functionality. The homepage instantly introduces you to the unique benefits of the dh Licence Check system, such as the instant overview of  all drivers and the ability to customise settings, where required, for individual drivers. You can also see how dh Licence Check can save you time and money, with benefits such as the permanent online audit trail, no software to buy and 24 hour access.

In addition, the system offers Instant Check and eConsent – both of which deliver the ultimate in quick and easy fleet administration – something every transport operator needs!

The website also provides up to date industry and product news about licence checking and has direct links to the Twitter page for dh Licence Check, where you can find out regular updates.

Visit the new website at or contact us on 01274 511511 to find out more.