National Lorry Week

We're core sponsors of The RHA's National Lorry Week because we want everyone to see what we already know - that road haulage is the life-blood of the country! Join in with the ninth annual National Lorry Week, 23rd - 29th October 2023.

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Driver Hire is proud to support the ninth National Lorry Week, 23rd – 29th October 2023

The logistics industry is at the centre of all our lives, every day. This year, Driver Hire celebrates 40 years in logistics – that’s four decade of matching great people to great jobs in the road haulage sector and we are proud of Driver Hire’s role in helping to keep the wheels turning. That’s why we’re once again core sponsors of the Road Haulage Association’s National Lorry Week, to help celebrate what we all do together.

Held annually by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), National Lorry Week is a week-long campaign which raises awareness of, and celebrates, the incredible work that the UK haulage industry does for us all. And not just in tough times – but every single day of the year.

Celebrating road transport

There’s a growing awareness of the importance of this industry in everyone’s daily lives. It was clear to see in the pandemic but as we all move on, we need to ensure that people don’t lose sight of the fact that without the road transport industry, things would literally grind to a halt. Driver Hire feel it is only right that we all come to together to celebrate and to say thank you to all the people who work so hard – day and night, all year round.

Logistics is an ever-changing picture and we need to also attract the next generation. It is a fast-moving, dynamic sector that is full of opportunity for talented people and we want more people to want to be a part of it.


Greater awareness, respect and even better opportunities

Road transport is a great sector to work in, but we know that there are still issues. People need to treat drivers and other people working in the operation with the level of respect that they deserve. Professional drivers deserve respect and to be rewarded for the job that they do. They’re highly trained, talented people who take on a lot of responsibility every time they get behind the wheel.

The RHA continues to do good work in making conditions and rest areas better for driving professionals, which we certainly support. There is a greater awareness of how finely tuned the supply chain is however, and hopefully, people have stronger appreciation for truck drivers. As more and more people realise just how essential they are, conditions will improve and more people will be drawn in to this great industry.

Ultimately, we all have to help people to see how rewarding a career in driving and logistics can be, attract a more diverse range of people into the industry and make it as easy as possible for them to take the first steps on the ladder.


Are you considering a career in Logistics?

For those considering driving as a career choice, browse through our resources below to find information on training and how to upgrade your licence, case studies and other details.

The haulage and logistics industry offers some incredible opportunities to both the younger generation and those who are considering a change of career. If you’re looking into logistics industry, check out our resources section: ‘Starting out in Logistics‘. If you’re looking for work at the moment, why not browse our jobs board or contact your local Driver Hire office for more information on work available in your area.



















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Considering a career with Driver Hire?

As the largest specialist logistics recruiter in the UK, Driver Hire are always looking for experienced and professional people to the join the team.

Our growing business is supported by a thriving network of 107 offices across the UK – around 90% of those are operated by franchisees, and several of these people started their Driver Hire careers as direct employees. With Driver Hire Group Service (franchisor) support and training, they have since grown with the business and now share in our achievements as independent business owners in their own right.

Whether you’re considering a driver recruitment career with a Driver Hire franchise, or have seen an open opportunity within Group Services, you can find out more about working with Driver Hire on our Careers site.