Looking for your answers

Our industry is forever changing – and where there’s change, there are strong opinions. Four topics have caught our eye recently and we’re interested in your views. Tell us how you feel about the following issues here and if you choose to leave your details on our survey page, you could win a hamper.

Clean Air Zones – A good thing?

There’s a clear need to improve air quality in our cities and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) aim to persuade us to travel greener. But the costs for transport operators can be significant, and some argue that CAZs have not been properly thought through. What’s your view?

Headlights – Are they too bright?

In a bid to improve night time road safety, headlights are brighter than ever, with clever tech to ensure the best possible view for the driver, whilst not dazzling others. But are headlights getting too bright?

Road Pricing – A fair approach?

Electric vehicles pay much less road tax, with battery electric vehicles paying zero vehicle excise duty. More EVs means a big drop in tax revenue. “Pay-per-mile” road pricing is one solution – but is it fair?

Traffic Cameras – More than just for speed?

Opinions vary on whether speed cameras are a good thing. But they could also be used to check a vehicle’s tax and insurance. Uninsured drivers raise premiums for the rest of us. So should cameras be used to check other details?

Tell us what you think on these topics here. Entries close 27 May 2022. Visit link for terms and conditions.