Junior Footballers get the right tackle

Driver Hire London South East has become the shirt sponsor for South London junior football development business, Football Domination.

Football Domination runs eight teams – boys and girls – from U7s –U14s. In addition it has around 400 local youngsters involved in its development programme. They benefit from working with a team of experienced coaches, excellent training equipment and pathways that ensure they make the most of any further opportunities in the sport.

Commenting on Driver Hire’s new involvement with his business, Dominic Best, founder and Chief Coach said: “Over the five years since the programme started we’ve developed a really positive three-way culture between ourselves, our kids and their parents. We also have close links with six local schools. The message that comes back to us time and time again is that youngsters who work hard at their football also work hard at school. We’re delighted to have Driver Hire as our shirt sponsors and look forward to long and worthwhile partnership with them.”

Samantha Phillips, the owner of Driver Hire London South East added: “As a mother of three children, two of whom are football mad, I’ve seen how Football Domination has channelled their enthusiasm. They love attending sessions and get so much out of it.  I was really pleased to help — and, of course, raise the profile of my business in the local area.”