Joist the job

Nottingham-based Alltruck plc are specialists in commercial vehicle rentals. They supply vehicles and also have a pool of drivers to drive them.

Alltruck has long-running agreements with two leading suppliers of roof joists, trusses and other timber products used by housebuilders across the Midlands and southern England. It’s essential there’s always a driver available to do the job. Of course, because of holidays or illness, this sometimes isn’t possible. And that’s when Alltruck call Driver Hire.

Dave Dennis, Logistics Assistant, is the man responsible for the smooth running of Alltruck’s contract hire arrangements with the timber suppliers. “We’d been working with a number of Driver Hire offices at a local level for around five years,” says Dave. “The drivers they supplied were always reliable – we’ve taken a number of them on temp to perm.”

As the business with these two customers has grown it made sense to move to a national agreement with Driver Hire National Accounts. “Quite simply it makes life a lot easier – streamlining bookings which, in turn, cuts admin time and reduces our costs,” Dave continues, “ We’ve just started working with a new site in Devon. Thanks to our national agreement with Driver Hire, the new site has been added seamlessly to our operational workload.”