Investors in People celebrates 30 years of making work better

Investors in People has announced a month-long celebration of their 30th birthday and have invited Driver Hire to celebrate it with them!

The 30th birthday celebrations started on the 1st of November and will go through to the 30th. It’s an opportunity for everyone connected to the community interest company (CIC) to promote their purpose over profit statement – make work better.

Founded in 1991, their prestigious accreditations have been awarded to over 55,000 businesses in 66 countries in the past 30 years – with plenty more to come.

Four themes in four weeks

Each week will have a theme, which represents the Investors in People brand, vision and mission:

  1. Appreciation – great work doesn’t happen without great people, so IIP will show how much they value everyone involved with the company.
  2. Nostalgia – who doesn’t love to reminisce about pleasant memories on their birthday?
  3. Relevance – speaking about what makes Investors in People relevant today and why do so many people still value accreditation
  4. Ambition – showing everyone what Investors in People plans for the future and how it benefits them

Opportunities for everyone to get involved

Investors in People want to show their value to the broader community, so there’ll be several key events taking place over the 30 days – with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

They’ll be sharing community stories, presenting thought leadership webinars, releasing exclusives from their CEO Paul Devoy and hosting the distinguished Investors in People Awards 2021 on the 23rd.

Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy enthused:

“My relationship with Investors in People dates back to 1999 when I had led all 17 Scottish Prisons to accreditation. What a journey it’s been. Starting as a government initiative to becoming independent in 2017 has to be a key highlight, but seeing how we’ve grown as a collective, promoting a cause that focuses on the greater good is something that makes our community so special. Here’s to the next 30 years. I can’t wait!”

Driver Hire’s 26th year of Investing in People

Driver Hire has always worked to high standards and it is our people who are at the heart of our success. This year, we will celebrate 26 years since we gained the ‘We invest in people’ standard accreditation from Investors in People – an internationally recognised standard that defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people effectively to promote a culture of high performance.

Our accreditation means a lot more to us than just a logo. The Investors in People assessors really get to know Driver Hire, through our annual assessment and especially by talking directly to our people, to ensure we are doing everything we can to put them first – by leading, supporting and continually improving.

Ultimately, this accreditation means every single person within our business is involved in supporting each other and is doing their best to make work even better. That’s never been more important than it is right now.

Driver Hire Nationwide would like to thank all of our team members for your continuous contribution and dedication throughout the years and for making Driver Hire what it is today.