Helping new drivers into the industry

High demand for HGV drivers means that new recruits to the industry are a welcome addition. However, operators can be a little unwilling to take on recently qualified drivers. So how do much needed new drivers get the experience they need if transport managers aren’t prepared to give them a chance? Driver Hire’s  East Kilbride office has one answer to that question.

Ritchie Hill had previously worked as a chef. However, the constant pressure of working in a busy kitchen with little or no natural light was starting to get to him. So, encouraged by two of his uncles, both of whom had been HGV drivers, Ritchie self-financed himself through an HGV training course. He passed his test first time and then set about finding himself a job.

“I thought that they’d be crying out for new drivers,” says Ritchie. “What I discovered pretty quickly, is that without experience it’s really hard to find work.”

Ritchie Hill
Ritchie Hill at home in his cab

Ritchie went onto a jobs board and spotted that his local Driver Hire office in East Kilbride were looking for drivers. He spoke to Driver Hire’s Lisa MacRae, who invited him for an interview. She explained that one of Driver Hire’s customers, a major national logistics company, had opportunities for double-manned HGV shifts.

Lisa spoke to them and Ritchie was offered a three-day trial. He passed with flying colours and is now on their rota with shifts every week. Working alongside a more experienced driver is giving Ritchie the essential experience he needs to kick-start his career in road transport & logistics.

“I absolutely love it,” says Ritchie. “Unlike my previous job, every day is different. I’m seeing new places and enjoying the countryside I’m driving through. And, of course, I’m earning good money whilst I’m doing it.”