Guidance on transporting goods between GB and the EU

We have left the European Union and the Government has agreed a deal on our future relationship. Since leaving the EU there have been many updates in the news on hauliers crossing international borders.

We have provided a list of links to the relevant resources from the Government so you can keep up to date and stay informed.

Haulier Handbook

The Government has provided in-depth guidance for hauliers and commercial drivers who move goods between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the European Union (EU). Separate guidance on moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland will follow soon.

This ‘hauliers handbook’ explains what documents you need, how to follow new rules to manage traffic heading to ports, new border control processes and also information on your nearest advice centres where drivers can also get a Covid-19 test (a negative test is required to travel to France, Denmark and the Netherlands).

As well as the main handbook, the Government has also shared a number of other resources:

Check an HGV ready to cross the border (Kent Permit)

Check if an HGV is ready to cross the border using GOV.UK’s service here. You can use this service to:

• apply for a Kent Access Permit

• check you have the paperwork you need to cross the border between Great Britain and the EU via the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel

Operation Brock (new traffic measures)

Operation Brock is a traffic management system designed to keep Kent’s roads open in the event of disruption at the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel. When Operation Brock is in force it is a legal requirement to use the signed routes only for HGV journeys to Port of Dover and Eurotunnel.

Enforcement officials will be deployed to intercept vehicles trying to use alternative routes – drivers who are caught risk a £300 fine and will be turned around. Click here for more information.

You can check is a HGV is ready to cross the border using the service above.

Covid-19 testing

Several countries have introduced COVID-19 testing requirements for hauliers. The rules are different in each country. Check the rules before you travel and take the necessary action. More information.

Checklist of Customs Documents

The customs documents and custom systems used for each way to move goods by port of departure and country of destination. Click here for checklist.

Stay Informed – Advice sites

Visit for the latest information or visit an advice site at a motorway services or truckstop for in-person advice.