Going Dutch

When it comes to devotion to duty and mugging up on industry knowledge, the team at Driver Hire’s Borders office are tops. Winners of a £500 prize for network involvement, Viki Carruthers, Lisa Ramage and Carol Hogarth, decided to blow the money on a weekend in Eindhoven.

Why Eindhoven girls? Not perhaps an obvious choice for a fun weekend jaunt. Simple – it’s home to the DAF Museum, a popular visitor attraction devoted to the 90-year history of the world-famous Dutch truck manufacturer.

“We’re talking to drivers all the time at work, so we’re all interested in trucks. And it’s useful to learn more about them,” says Viki. “In fact, Lisa is an HGV licence-holder, so she can actually drive one. DAF do a lot more than just build trucks; they make wheels for F16 Harrier jet fighters and parts of Formula 1 cars. What struck us most about the trucks in the museum is the amount of technology that goes into a modern HGV.”