Fuel Saver

Prices for both diesel and petrol have reached new record highs this year, not least due to the awful conflict in Ukraine. Whatever the long-term outcome there, industry analysts are forecasting that prices will remain high and are unlikely to ‘normalise’ soon.

One way to reduce the hit to your business is to alert your drivers to fuel efficient driving techniques.

“The most important factor affecting fuel economy, for any vehicle, is the driver,” says Jeremy Neale, MD of Driver Hire UK.

“A driver who’s using fuel efficient driving techniques can be 30% more efficient in terms of fuel compared to one that isn’t. A lot of the techniques are very simple and easy to learn. That’s why we’ve included a Fuel Efficient Driving poster with the latest edition of our customer newsletter, ‘Newslink’.”

If you didn’t pick up a printed copy this time, you can download our Fuel Efficient Driving poster here.

Our online resource page on Fuel Efficient Driving is also available which includes more advice for drivers and operators.