“Fit For the Job” say drivers in our survey

Being physically active helps manage weight, reduces the risk of disease, strengthens bones and muscles – and it’s good for your brain. All great reasons for keeping fit. And, according to Driver Hire’s recent Health & Fitness survey, it’s a message that’s hitting home with today’s drivers.

Just short of 200 of them completed our survey – an overwhelming majority (95%) agreeing that health and fitness is a priority for them. However, finding the time to walk the talk, is a bit more problematic. Over a third of respondents said it was either difficult or simply not possible.

On a much more positive note, 56% of drivers claimed to be doing at least 30 minutes a day. 24% said they managed over an hour. That compares very well with the NHS’s suggested weekly recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Diet is, of course, an equally important element of the health and fitness equation. If our survey respondents are typical of their peers, drivers are shunning the ‘greasy spoon’ for lunch and, instead, enjoying a homemade pack-up. Depending on its contents, that does potentially offer a healthier option than a fry-up. There is, perhaps, a downside here. Eating alone in your cab reduces opportunities for a friendly chinwag with fellow drivers. That can add to feelings of loneliness and have a negative impact on mental health.

Whilst diet and activity levels are always number one, doing nothing – as in getting the correct amount of rest – is equally important. Only 22% of our respondents are having the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended 7-8 hours; the vast majority (63%) fall into the 6-7 hours category.

Commenting on the results, Driver Hire’s Marketing Manager and fitness guru, Faye Grist said: “It’s great to know that so many respondents count physical and mental wellbeing as important concerns in their life. Driving can be a sedentary job, so making the time for some exercise is vitally important. It’s prompted us to compile some hints and tips for starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Alongside the many benefits already mentioned, keeping fit boosts your self-esteem, reduces stress and improves sleep quality.”

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