Employees straddle the saddle and bike to work

Several Driver Hire staff left their cars in the garage on Thursday September 3rd and opted for pedal power to celebrate national ‘Cycle to Work day’.

IT business analyst, Tim Scott was one of them. Not a regular cycle commuter, he certainly enjoyed the experience. “It’s almost quicker than using the car, but you do have to change into office gear when you get to work! I’m looking forward to the completion of the Leeds – Bradford Cycling Super Highway which will encourage me to cycle to work more often. At the moment I have to negotiate two major roundabouts which can be a bit hairy for the inexperienced rider.”

Studies show that the benefits of work related cycling are many. Employers will like the fact that regular cycle commuters are more alert and motivated at work. They also take far fewer days off due to illness. Mind you, they may want a longer lunch hour. Apparently a regular five days a week, nine mile round trip commute, will burn off 4200 calories – that’s equivalent to 19 Subway ham sandwiches!

And of course, compared to using a car, the cycling commuter pumps ten times less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Mark Ashton is one of Tim’s IT colleagues. He’s a seasoned cycle commuter, regularly pedalling into Bradford from nearby Saltaire. “It’s quick, convenient and saves money I’d otherwise spend on petrol or train fares. Using a bike instead of a car also frees up road space, reducing congestion, enabling commercial vehicles and other essential road users to arrive at their destination more efficiently and speedily.”

Pictured L to R: Dave Robbins, Tim Scott and Mark Ashton