Driver Hire Training hits a hot hundred thousand!

Driver Hire Training, the nationwide provider of Driver CPC training, has passed a notable – and probably unique – first. It’s now delivered over 100,000 Driver CPC driver training days.

The man to take them past this industry milestone was Geoffrey Frost, a category C driver who works for Horsham-based business, Easypack Haylage Ltd, a supplier of quality nutrition products used in the equine world.

To ensure the Easypak driving team completed their required 35 hours of Driver CPC training by the 2014 deadline, Easypack boss, Geoff Batchelor used courses provided by Driver Hire’s Gatwick office. “We have four drivers (including myself) who require ongoing Driver CPC training,” says Geoff. “We trained with Driver Hire over a period of months and found it to be both professional and well-presented.

“We’re now into our second five year cycle, all of which we’re planning to do with Driver Hire.” Tony Goacher, Driver Hire’s Divisional Managing Director, eServices & Training, added: “We’re delighted that Geoffrey and his colleagues chose to do their training with us.

“They’re one of a whole host of UK businesses who’ve done the same. Over the past two years we ran an average of over 50 courses per week for companies and drivers throughout the UK.

“Delivering 100,000 driver training days speaks volumes about our quality. Nor do we plan to rest on our laurels; we’re introducing new modules on First Aid and Manual Handling very soon. We’ll continue to seek ways to further improve our training product and make it an even better investment for our many customers.”