Driver Hire announces enhancements to dh Licence Check

When it comes to checking drivers’ licences, dh Licence Check, from Driver Hire, can make your life easier and lighten the administrative burden as much as possible. 

The introduction of eConsent and Instant Check delivers the ultimate in quick and easy fleet administration.

Currently, once a driver has given his consent for a check to go ahead, there is a 24-hour turnaround before the results are available from the DVLA. As the name suggests, Driver Hire’s Instant Check service enables employers (with consent from the driver) to make an immediate check on drivers’ licence records directly on the DVLA database, speeding up the checking process.

The service can also be programmed to undertake regular, scheduled checks. This will enable employers to monitor their drivers more closely, highlighting instances where, for example, penalty points are being clocked up.

eConsent works in tandem with Instant Check and removes the requirement by a driver to complete a paper mandate giving permission for an employer or driver agency to check a driver’s licence record.

Driver Hire, is an accredited driving licence verification service provider. As such it has been working closely with the DVLA to ensure that both the new services are secure and easy to use.

Commenting on the development and launch of both these services Driver Hire’s Chief Executive Chris Chidley said: ‘dh Licence Check’ has already proved to be a popular service which clearly meets the needs of our customers. Its importance will become even more defined once the paper counterpart is withdrawn on 8th June 2015.

These enhancements place us very much at the forefront of licence checking and have obvious benefits for employers and drivers too. dh Licence Check is of course being adopted by our own nationwide network as part of our candidate recruitment process.”

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