Driver CPC – the next generation

In spite of all the dire pre-deadline predictions of industry meltdown, the Driver CPC deadline passed in September with the vast majority of drivers fully trained. Recent figures show that 664,000 drivers had completed their 35 hours of training by the deadline. Many of the remaining 10,000 that hadn’t, were busy taking urgent action to ensure that they were qualified as soon as possible.

With the first deadline now passed Driver CPC becomes an ongoing requirement. What has become clear to us is that Driver CPC is rapidly becoming an accepted part of being a driver. “The attitude to Driver CPC is definitely changing. Companies are looking at regular courses. They’re making Driver CPC an educational tool – not just something that has to be done.” says Sarah Hartley, Driver Hire Training’s Sales Account Manager.

Paul Whiteside is the owner of Driver Hire Huddersfield. Driver CPC training is an important part of his business. “I’m getting a lot of drivers re-joining the industry,” says Paul. “On my most recent course, five out of the eight drivers had, for a variety of reasons, all left the industry and were now keen to comeback.”

Taking a long-term view of Driver CPC, why not set your drivers a target to complete their training every year. It’s a great way to top-up their knowledge and of course, spreads the cost too.