Double celebrations held for Elaine

Elaine Wharton, Accounts Administrator for Driver Hire Group Services will celebrate her 26th year with us in May this year. Colleagues from all departments of Driver Hire Group Services in Bradford got together and took part in a surprise gathering yesterday.

Chris Chidley, CEO thanked Elaine for her hard work and dedication, offering his congratulations whilst sharing his own memories of when he first met Elaine. Chris joined the business back in 2014 and Elaine was one of the first people he had the pleasure of meeting. They also reminisced on how technology had changed so much over the years!

Not only was the get together organised to celebrate Elaine’s length of service however, team members gathered to wish her Happy Birthday as she turned 70 this week.

Elaine was lost for words and overcome with emotion by the surprise, but did manage to say to Chris, “I’ve always loved working here”.

Elaine pictured proudly with Chris Chidley, CEO.