Don’t drive tired: How to ensure a good night’s sleep

It’s World Sleep Day today. Falling asleep at the wheel and driving whilst tired are major causes of accidents on our roads.

Did you know:

  • 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep related
  • Sleep related accidents are more likely to result in death or injury

So how do you ensure a good night’s sleep – seven hours is the recommended minimum – to ensure that whenever you get behind the wheel you’re feeling alert, bright and ready to drive?

  • Go to bed at a regular time
  • Have a regular bedtime routine
  • Keep to regular sleeping hours
  • Before going to sleep, wind down by reading, listening to the radio or even writing a tomorrow’s ‘to do list’
  • Try to avoid looking at your mobile, or other electrical devices, up to an hour before going to bed
  • Make your bedroom into the place where you go to sleep – no TV or laptop

You can find out more about sleep hygiene and how to avoid driver fatigue by clicking on the following links: