dh Licence Check is a record breaker

Driver Hire’s ‘dh Licence Check’ service has put in a record breaking performance so far this summer. Far from taking a holiday break, the service has been really motoring, passing the ‘100,000 checks completed’ milestone in July.

“A combination of factors helped us to a record-breaking month during which we also signed up 84 new customers – another all-time best,” says Tony Goacher, Driver Hire’s Divisional Managing Director eServices & Training.  “The withdrawal of the paper counterpart in June certainly helped. But mainly it was down to customer recommendations and highly successful marketing.”

One of those customers recommending the service to others was Steve Hale, Operations Manager for the Sheffield depot of Clockwork Removals. “Obviously we needed to change things following the removal of the paper counterpart. Driver Hire Sheffield gave us a really professional demonstration; we liked what we saw and decided to go with it. What I like about ‘dh Licence Check’ it is that it gives you a lot more information about your drivers. With the old system you could see that the licence was up to date, any points and that what was about it.”

Steve also mentioned that the after-sales service has been really good too. He’s not the only one. A ‘dh Licence Check’ satisfaction survey conducted in July revealed that 96% of respondents rated the service as either good or excellent.

An accredited driving licence verification service provider, Driver Hire launched ‘dh Licence Check’ in 2013. The service is constantly being improved. Electronic consent has been introduced to remove the need for paper mandates. A further enhancement means an instant check can now also be performed, giving the employer a detailed licence report in a matter of seconds.