Australian office supports Guide Dogs

Driver Hire Australia have just made a major $10,000 donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind, Western Australia (Guide Dogs).

Driver Hire Australia’s Managing Director, Dean Hewitt, and his partner Margaret Ann Caldwell, are both keen and longstanding supporters of Guide Dogs. They are also ‘formal boarders’; people who provide a temporary home to an older puppy during early and advanced training.

Commenting on their support, Dean Hewitt said: “It takes two years and costs $50,000 to raise and train a guide or assistance dog. Every puppy and dog that joins the training programme has the chance to change a life – whether as a guide, autism assistance, therapy or companion dog. Each one gives hope and opportunity, independence and joy to a Western Australian and their relatives living with low vision or other disability. Since we established Driver Australia in Perth eight years ago, we’ve enjoyed great success, here and across Australia. This is a really positive way to put something back into the local community.”

Judy Gleeson from Guide Dogs Western Australia added: “We are reliant on the community to fund our programs. We are truly grateful to Dean and Margaret Ann for the generous donation from Driver Hire. Guide Dogs really appreciate their support.”