Annual training being wasted, survey reveals

Don’t waste training opportunities. That’s the message on Driver CPC highlighted by the publication of a survey by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

It’s confirmed a fact already well aired by many within the industry – that a certain section of both employers and drivers regard their seven hours of annual Driver CPC training as nothing more than a routine box-ticking exercise. If respondents to the survey are to be believed, a good number of drivers simply sit through the same training module every year.

Commenting on this, Sarah Hartley, Head of Service Delivery, Driver Hire Training, said: “Whilst revision of topics such as Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Rules are useful, Driver CPC training is, in our view, a great opportunity to add to industry knowledge, professionalism and safety. For instance, we’ve recently added two new modules: ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ and ‘Vehicle and Personal Safety’. Both are highly topical, in particular the latter with many drivers currently facing real dangers if they regularly drive to and from Continental Europe. Adding to knowledge and learning new skills through Driver CPC training can, potentially, be a life saver.”

Since introducing Driver CPC training in 2010, Driver Hire has become one of the leading providers in the UK, having completed over 115,000 driver training days. It offers 17 high quality, engaging and useful JAUPT approved training courses which attract satisfaction ratings of 93%. Courses can be arranged at locations to suit both individual drivers and group bookings.