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The results are out!

Were you one of the many visitors to Driver Hire’s stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show who took part in our 2011 Driver CPC survey? If so, thanks for sharing your opinions with us.

As you may be aware, we conducted a similar survey at last year’s show to find out more about attitudes to the then recently introduced industry qualification. Twelve months down the line, we wondered if attitudes had changed.

Out of the hundreds of visitors interviewed, 81% still felt that Driver CPC is a good thing. There was an equally positive response (85%) when asked whether new skills learnt by drivers during CPC training are useful.

Where things do a get a little hazy is on progress with training. On this point, 59% claim to have their training requirements sorted – that’s 20% more than last year. However 41% admitted that they haven’t done any actual training yet. This means that many people are already falling quite seriously behind and may be storing up a problem for the future. 

When it comes to selecting training modules, with sky high fuel prices, it is perhaps hardly surprising that 32% of respondents selected Fuel Efficient Driving as the most useful.

Flexibility continues to be the most important driver when it comes to selecting a training provider. All of which is great news for customers and non-customers as Driver Hire now has 113 trainers and 72 offices offering fully accredited courses.

To find out more about our Driver CPC training services, click here, or follow the training navigation button at the top of this page.

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