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Record Breakers

As all athletes know, training pays off. And that’s certainly proving to be the case at Driver Hire Training where they’ve already broken one training record this year – and are all set to do the same in February.
January 2012 saw Driver Hire’s network train 1068 drivers, their highest monthly total since we launched Driver CPC training two years ago. With 1,400 drivers booked to take courses in February it’s a dead cert that figure’s going to be broken again.
Driver CPC is an essential requirement for all drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs). It’s a vocational qualification; a recognition of a driver’s knowledge and professional skills. Subjects include Fuel Efficient Driving, Customer Service, industry legislation and Health & Safety. All LGV drivers must complete 35 hours of Driver CPC training by September 2014.
Driver Hire has 90 approved trainers nationwide which, we believe, makes Driver Hire the largest provider of this kind of training. “Our aim is to add value by delivering a range of courses that will enable drivers to do their job better and more efficiently,” says Driver Hire’s Training Manager, Richard Armitage. “Feedback from drivers and their bosses is very positive; post-course assessment showing 85% of respondents rating their course as good or excellent.”

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