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Grand achievement


Driver Hire Training has passed a notable milestone – in double quick time. In less than two years it has successfully delivered over 1,000 Driver CPC training courses, involving over almost 11,000 drivers.


There are more than 90 qualified Driver Hire trainers nationwide, making it the UK’s largest provider of Driver CPC training. Recent audits by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) and the Driving Standards Authority (DSA) achieved perfect scores.


Equally important, Driver Hire’s training gets the thumbs up from drivers too. Every driver attending a Driver CPC course is asked to complete a post-course assessment covering quality of trainers, course content, materials and value for money. The average score is 3.5 out of a possible 4 – an average satisfaction rate of around 85%.


“For years the road transport industry has suffered from a lack of training,” says Driver Hire’s CEO, Chris Chidley. “Driver CPC addresses that and improves standards and professionalism within the industry.”


However Chris adds a note of caution to employers and drivers: “There continue to be reports that some providers are delivering sub-standard training. Indeed one major organisation has had its JAUPT approval removed recently. So make sure that the training you’re paying for is of the highest quality and will help your drivers to do their job better and more efficiently. Use the right trainer and you’ll earn back your investment many times over.”


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