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Government confirms that AWR is going ahead

Despite recent rumours in some sections of the media, the Government confirmed yesterday that the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations on 1st October will go ahead.

Commenting on the news, Driver Hire CEO Chris Chidley said, “This confirmation from the Government is something we very much welcome. While the Regulations may not be perfect, they are here to stay and some of the recent speculation about last-minute changes has been unhelpful.”

“Instead of people putting their heads in the sand or hoping for something to change, it makes much more sense for suppliers, customers, and agency workers themselves to concentrate on fully understanding the implications of the new rules, and ensuring that they are implemented in the best way possible for everyone concerned.”

Driver Hire has been working very hard on AWR for over two years and has invested considerable time and resources into developing new IT, systems and processes to deal with the change. The company is currently running a series of free workshops to help its customers to implement the new rules as seamlessly as possible.

“It probably makes good sense for a review to take place a year or so down the line,” concludes Chris Chidley. “In the meantime, the good news for everyone is that the flexibility that using agency workers brings to any organisation, is not affected at all by the new Regulations.”

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