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Controlling costs as diesel hits new high


Despite the deferral of two planned increases in fuel duty, the price of diesel has hit an all time high. The average UK pump price now stands at 143.05p per litre. According to figures from the AA the cost of filling up the tank of a ‘commercial van’ with 80 litres of diesel is now an eye watering £114 – a 26% increase over the past two years. With further fuel duty rises planned later this year, costs for transport operators are set to rise further.


“There’s no denying that this latest rise in fuel costs is bad news for businesses and consumers alike. But there are ways of keeping costs under control,” says Driver Hire’s Chief Executive, Chris Chidley. “Fuel efficient driving should now be at the top of the agenda for all businesses and organisations running a fleet of vehicles. Tests we completed in association with truck manufacturers, Mercedes Benz, showed that, properly implemented, fuel efficient driving can reduce fuel consumption by more than 20%. That’s why Driver Hire Training offers fuel efficient driving both as a stand-alone course and as part of our Driver CPC training programme.”


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