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An act of quad...

Driver Hire prides itself on providing all types of driver – from someone to drive an articulated lorry all the way through to forklift truck. However a request from Peacock Salt in Ayr was a little different. They were looking for temporary staff to drive three quad bikes.

Peacock Salt are involved in just about every aspect of winter maintenance. They have just been awarded a contract by East Ayrshire Council to treat pavements in Kilmarnock during icy weather – which has arrived a little earlier than usual this year! They suggested to the council that the most efficient way of ensuring pavements were free of ice and snow this winter was to treat them using quad bikes.  

“We have trialled this type of treatment successfully over the past couple of years,” says Andrew Manson, Peacock Salt’s Technical Manager. “They liked the idea and we offered to provide the equipment, de-icers and the people to drive three quad bikes. Because of the vagaries of the weather, it made sense to outsource the labour rather than recruit additional staff. That’s why we went to Driver Hire.”

Our Ayrshire office quickly found them three suitable candidates. They’ve now been trained to drive the bikes and use the equipment. During the current big freeze they’ve been out on local streets from 5.00am applying a concentrated brine solution that quickly melts snow and ice.

One of the Driver Hire team, Neil Griffiths, has quickly proved his worth.  Neil was treating pavements on his quod bike when he came across a pedestrian who had slipped over and suffered an injury.  Neil telephoned the police and the ambulance service and then waited with the patient until the emergency services arrived. 

“It’s early days yet, but we’re really pleased with the way the contract is going,” says Andrew. “The guys from Driver Hire are doing a good job. In particular, our client was extremely impressed with Neil’s work attitude and commitment. They telephoned us to say that Neil had gone far beyond his call of duty and was a true credit to us.”

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